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How People Move is a Work of Art

My Mission: Why I Work

My work as a Physical Therapist gives me daily opportunities to teach patients how they can have less pain and greater function in their lives. I use the best practices from anatomy, kinesiology, and neuroscience to help them move with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

My Mission
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Photo of Karen Donelson, Physical Therapist

About Karen

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Feldenkrais Practitioner, former dancer, yoga devotee, sports enthusiast and a confirmed movement geek.
Since graduating from New York University’s Physical Therapy program (1984), I have synthesized the best of evidenced-based physical therapy, sensory motor learning and high performance sports and dance. Each discipline has given me insights and enabled me to develop physical therapy techniques that help heal you faster and more efficiently. My patients rarely require more than one appointment per week unless their injury is very acute. I continue to stay curious which inspires me to continually refine my techniques.

In the course of my career I have had affiliations with The Hospital for Joint Disease-Orthopedic Institute, Sports Training Physical Therapy, Performing Arts Physical Therapy, the Juilliard School and Backbone & Wingspan Studio. I have worked as a PT for Broadway shows and with dancers from companies such as the Paul Taylor Dance Company, David Parsons Dance and New York City Ballet. For the last 20 years, I have developed an individual private practice that allows me to give the type of quality attention each person deserves. I conduct workshops on special topics for groups and organizations, some of which have included Power-Sitting Posture Clinic, High Heel Recovery, and Becoming the Movement Experts – A Workshop for Physical Therapists.

What I Believe

I am a self-confessed movement geek. Be it the NBA finals, The New York City
Ballet or simply walking down the street, I can’t stop watching people move.

As a runner moves past us in the street, my 18-year old daughter always looks prepared to hide as I exclaim, “I like the way that person moves!” Yes, I am obsessed but to me, the human form in action is a work of art.

My work as a physical therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner gives me daily opportunities to feed my obsession. So, I do. I watch to see the way a particular person’s human form works together. I wonder which connections would help my patients become unrestricted and pain free. I use my understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and neuroscience to help them find a way to move more efficiently and effectively.

About Karen

Testimonials from my Clients

"As usual, your recommendations have proved excellent. The shoulder is becoming stronger, the tendonitis less painful. I've been working with taking the ASICs forward - much more stability in sirsasana and standing  poses, more depth in seated poses, greater ease in backbends......   Happy spring. " 
Maiga  (Iyengar Teacher)


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New York City

30 W. 60th Street #1C

Verona, New Jersey

250 Pompton Ave. Verona, NJ

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