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Every visit for each client is an individual one to one session. We will use the entire 45-55 minutes to work together to achieve your goals. These are active engaged sessions. I do not use recipes. For every injured part, I ask myself, “what is its function”. No injured back, knee, shoulder, or any other body part functions in isolation. Whether your pain is from a chronic problem or post- surgical, knowing what optimal function would be is an important idea. Ours is a dynamic system where each part plays a dynamic role. To take a single injured part and optimize its abilities but not reintegrate that area back into the system often results in another pain or injury elsewhere. Healthy optimal movement requires much more then a strong muscle (s). It involves timing, the coordination of parts for action, muscular force that moves through the skeleton, acknowledgement of gravity and an intention. At whatever ability we begin there is always room for improvement.

The Feldenkrais® Method

The Feldenkrais® method is a somatic based system for learning. It uses the fundamental way that our brains are programed to learn, to gain new abilities and/or refine what we already know. Too often, our sensory experience of our self is one of either pain or no pain. The Feldenkrais® Method will help you sense and feel other sensory information that will help you improve your abilities and self- awareness. I found it immensely helpful to me for relieving my own knee and back issues as well as dealing with staying active and aging, simultaneously.

For me, Awareness is empowering.

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